Frankie Bow

Once Upon a Murder

Once Upon a Murder

Hair Extensions & Homicide: Book 1

“It’s been crazy,” the desk clerk said. “We just had another big group stay here right before you guys, and they completely trashed the place. Shot out the security cameras with BB guns, pitched a couch off a seventeenth-floor balcony, and one room tried to flush a pillow down the toilet.”

“What kind of group was that?” I asked.

“Doll collectors’ convention.”

Gertie wants to advance her budding career as a romance author; ¬†Fortune needs a break from her complicated personal life; and Ida Belle doesn’t think the other two should go out unsupervised. The annual meeting of the American Romance and Erotica Authors’ Conference in New Orleans sounds like a perfect getaway. But when Ida Belle runs into an old nemesis, it becomes clear that not everyone will end up “happily ever after.”