Frankie Bow

Sinful Science

Sinful Science

Supernatural Sinful: Book 1

“Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, was a man with a wolf’s head. The Navajo skin walkers could turn into any animal they pleased. And of course the Hồ tinh, Hanoi’s nine-tailed fox. I was thinking I might write a story about the Hồ tinh.”

“Gertie, that’s a great idea,” Ally said. “Are you going to write children’s books?”

“Oh, my goodness, no. There’s no money in children’s books. I’m thinking erotica.”

A graduate student from Hawaii visits the tiny bayou town of Sinful, Louisiana to investigate the effects of the oil spill on the local wildlife. Sinful resident Fortune Redding, who happens to be a CIA operative hiding out from a ruthless arms dealer, worries that the nosy newcomer might blow her cover. But when he makes a gruesome discovery, he unleashes forces that will go to any lengths to protect Sinful’s darkest secret.