J.K. Hage

Sinful Dreams

Sinful Dreams

The Cappuccino Posse: Book 1

Pepper Monroe needed a new life, she just didn’t know it yet.

Then her cousin Francine called to beg for help running the café in Sinful, Louisiana.

Pepper recognized the request as a flashing neon sign to break out of her boring routine, so she hopped into her car and made the journey south to Sinful. She imagined spending days at the café while learning about the relaxed southern lifestyle from retirees Ida Belle and Gertie.

However, Sinful isn’t the sleepy little town she expected. While Pepper is busy trying to educate southern taste buds about the beauty of sweet iced coffee, she also ends up in the middle of murder and kidnapping.

And she meets Jaxson, the hottest man south of the Mason-Dixon line. Problem is, Pepper has just decided to get her life together without a man.

But this Yankee schoolteacher can’t stop herself from dreaming…