J.K. Hage

Sinful Lies

Sinful Lies

The Cappuccino Posse: Book 2

If Pepper Monroe thought her life was crazy when she first came to Sinful, things are about to get downright insane.

First, her dead husband Daniel Monroe turns out to be not-so-dead. After a dozen years, he turns up claiming to want her back.

Second, a mysterious deposit of 50 million dollars in her bank account is causing trouble with the FBI — and brings the mob to Sinful.

Third, the hottest man south of the Mason-Dixon line — Jaxson LeBlanc — and the southern heat are setting her on fire.

Lies and suspicion are flying around faster than bullets. It will take everything she has, along with help from Ida Belle, Gertie, and Fortune, to solve this mystery and set things straight — or as straight as they can be in Sinful, Louisiana.