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Kamaryn Kelsey

Kamaryn Kelsey

Kamaryn Kelsey

Kamaryn Kelsey’s (long past) young imagination placed her in the middle of adventures with her favorite book characters like Trixie Belden. She spent long hours reading outside, inside, on the bus, in bed, in the car, and anywhere she could get away with it, although trying to read in the bathtub didn’t always work out well. She’s read a zillion books and imagined a zillion more stories, or so it seems. 

Kamaryn loves funny, feel good books that make readers happy. Hers are light-hearted and often feature quirky main characters. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and cats.

Kamaryn Kelsey's Books
Murphy’s Flaws

Murphy’s FlawsWholly Moses! Series: Book 1

Up in Smoke

Up in SmokeWholly Moses! Series: Book 2

Filthy Stinking Rich

Filthy Stinking RichWholly Moses! Series: Book 3

Mo’s Motel

Mo’s MotelWholly Moses! Series: Book 4

Cast and Catch a Fortune

Cast and Catch a FortuneWholly Moses! Series: Book 5

Dubious Deliveries

Dubious DeliveriesWholly Moses! Series: Book 6

Dirty Deeds

Dirty DeedsWholly Moses! Series: Book 7

Triple Threat

Triple ThreatWholly Moses! Series: Book 8

Pandora’s Shoebox

Pandora’s ShoeboxWholly Moses! Series: Book 9

Oh Shoot!

Oh Shoot!Wholly Moses! Series: Book 10

The Murphy Girls

The Murphy GirlsWholly Moses! Series: Book 11

Tricks and Trouble

Tricks and TroubleWholly Moses: Book 12

Hit The Road, Jo!

Hit The Road, Jo!Hit the Road, Jo! : Wholly Moses Book 13

On the Bayou

On the BayouSS Beauty Series: Book 1

Bound for Hell

Bound for HellSS Beauty Series: Book 2

In the Shadow

In the ShadowSS Beauty Series: Book 3

Fast and Blue

Fast and BlueSS Beauty Series: Book 4

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in BabysittingSS Beauty Series: Book 5

Down on the Vegas Strip

Down on the Vegas StripSS Beauty Series: Book 6

On the Mountain of Hope

On the Mountain of HopeSS Beauty Series: Book 7

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds CollideSS Beauty Series: Book 9

On the Wagon

On the WagonSS Beauty Series: Book 10

Snapped, Cracked and Popped

Snapped, Cracked and PoppedSS Beauty Series: Book 11

City Girls Don’t Camp

City Girls Don’t CampSS Beauty Series: Book 12

It’s all Relative

It’s all RelativeSS Beauty Series: Book 13

The Missing Morrow

The Missing MorrowSS Beauty Series: Book 14

Boot Camp Beauty

Boot Camp BeautySS Beauty Series: Book 15

Wrong Turn

Wrong TurnMercy on the Bayou: Book 1

Shot In The Park

Shot In The ParkShot in the Park: Mercy on the Bayou Book 2