Kamaryn Kelsey

Bound for Hell

Bound for Hell

SS Beauty Series: Book 2

Sady Morrow is moving on to the next chapter in her life. Former beauty queen, ex-librarian, and owner of an estate in Sinful, Louisiana. An estate she can’t claim. 

Sady settles in Michigan. Working for friends of her uncle takes Sady on her first trip to Hell… Michigan to investigate a suspected arson. Her other case is to get proof of a husband’s infidelity. These hand picked “no brainer” cases turn serious when someone takes shots at her.

Morrow can’t have someone threatening his niece, especially since her new job was meant to keep her safe, occupied, and out of Louisiana. So he sends reinforcement in the form of Matt Meadows, Sady’s unwanted traveling companion/watch dog from her trip to Sinful.
In Michigan Sady makes new friends. Like Amanda, her Taser toting neighbor. And CJ & Harry, Sady’s new bosses. It doesn’t take long for them to see there’s more to Sady than meets the eye and that she’s a fast learner with a few unexpected skills under her hat.