Kamaryn Kelsey

Cast and Catch a Fortune

Cast and Catch a Fortune

Wholly Moses! Series: Book 5

The grand reopening of the Sinful Inn is just in time for the annual “Cast and Catch a Fortune” Fishing Tournament. The top prize for Big Bass Sunday is $10,000 and Gertie’s determined this will be her year. The contest draws anglers from all over. Guys like Juan and Carlos, who are staying in the newly rebuilt room at the motel. While making the bed in the next room, Mo overhears a disturbing conversation, due to inadequate insulation.

When Fortune learns the real identities of Juan and Carlos, she has to act. The perfect time? Big Bass Sunday. The perfect place? The bayou. The perfect plan? Well… the plan is solid. The execution of the plan? Not so much.

With a unique celebration at the Mooneys, Big Bass Sunday (when the rigid Sinful rules relax), and a plan gone sideways, who will catch the men? And will Gertie finally catch a fortune for the biggest bass?