Kamaryn Kelsey

Down on the Vegas Strip

Down on the Vegas Strip

SS Beauty Series: Book 6

Hey, baby, let’s go to Vegas- to save Harry’s hide! CJ and Harry are in Vegas for a second honeymoon. When an email, complete with blackmail pictures, arrives at Knight Investigations the honeymoon may be over. Has Harry been a bad boy, or is he an innocent victim?

Sady and Matt fly to Vegas to lend a hand. Sady gives, and gets, more than a hand when she lands a job at the Can-Can Club… the last place Harry can remember before waking up in a seedy hotel. 

After Sady’s rodeo act becomes more than she can handle CJ decides it’s time to call in the cavalry… aka Amanda. The women team up for a command performance at the club. Working for any and all tips, they get the lowdown on the blackmailer, while Matt gets an unexpected performance of his own. And the real reason behind the blackmail photos? It surprises them all!