Kamaryn Kelsey

Filthy Stinking Rich

Filthy Stinking Rich

Wholly Moses! Series: Book 3

While Mo waits for the slow moving insurance adjuster to approve the cleaning of the Sinful Inn, she takes on a desperation job. After three days with Fortune, even Merlin the cat is on edge. So when Ida Belle learns from Delta Davis that her brother, Skinny Davis, is off blowing his huge jackpot lottery winnings, she gets Mo a job cleaning Skinny’s house.

As it turns out, old Skinny isn’t so lucky. Her first night on the job, Mo finds him propped up in his outhouse, dead and stark naked, except for footwear. By the time the police arrive, Skinny has disappeared, and he’s found drifting in a rowboat on the bayou the next morning- without the footwear. Did the “suddenly eager to help” neighbors kill Skinny for the never cashed lottery ticket? They offer Mo a share of the winning ticket and she plays along, hoping to find the truth behind Skinny’s mysterious disappearing act.

When the crap hits the fan and the dirty truth finally comes out, it’s up to the women to save the day. And they do with the style and flare only Sinful women are capable of.