Kamaryn Kelsey

On the Bayou

On the Bayou

SS Beauty Series: Book 1

When Sandy-Sue (S.S.) Morrow traded in her Beauty Queen crown to become a librarian she went from the high life to no life. Maybe the inheritance in Louisiana was the change she needed. But when her uncle stepped in and offered her the trip of a lifetime… who could resist a trip to Europe? Louisiana could wait- for three months, anyway. 

But living out of a suitcase grew old in a hurry, so Sandy-Sue cut short the trip and returned home, planning to claim the inheritance her Great Aunt Marge had left her. Determined to make a clean sweep of her old life and leave Sandy-Sue behind, she changed her name to Sady, and bought a bus ticket to Sinful. There had to be a life for her somewhere between the limelight and the bookshelves of her past. 

So she travels Sinful to learn what her uncle is hiding. And along for the ride is Matt Meadows- Sady’s handsome, but unwanted, traveling companion.