Kamaryn Kelsey

On the Mountain of Hope

On the Mountain of Hope

SS Beauty Series: Book 7

Knight Investigations travel to northern Michigan’s Hope Mountain Ski Lodge and Resort. Recent acts of vandalism at the lodge are getting worse. The owners want it stopped before someone gets hurt, or puts them out of business.

With three solid suspects and a twenty-year-old mystery complicating matters, they need all the help they can get. It’s a good thing Amanda is available to join them, along with CJ’s younger brother, Eric. They split into teams to investigate the suspects. Is it mild mannered George, the nearest competitor? Maybe it’s Jenna, the nature lover. Or Leslie, whose late husband was involved in the mystery of the missing money. 

Sady tackles a challenge she’s never faced, while Amanda covers the lodge using her own methods of investigation. With a pool party surprise, a disastrous ski trip, and a wild ride the team still finds time for fun in the snow, and tracking down the villain.