Kamaryn Kelsey

On the Wagon

On the Wagon

SS Beauty Series: Book 10

When Amanda invites the crew to a cookout to meet her family, everyone is in for a surprise. Who knew her dad, Willie Keller, owned of a chain of mobile hot dog stands? And her mom, Patricia, lost her license driving one of the mobile hot dogs. Meanwhile, Amanda’s niece, Alicia, is fast-tracking her way to an allowance supplement with blackmail, keen ears, and manipulation. What about “vacant” neighbor, Joey? Is he really a computer genius with the hots for Amanda, or is he just crazy?

Sady gets her chance behind the wheel of the “Wienie Wagon,” another dream vehicle (next to Justin, her Mustang). A small misfortune unexpectedly lands Sady and Amanda in trouble and not with the law. To fix the situation they go to work in one of Willie’s Chuck Wagons.

More wild rides, a stolen car, crazy customers, and information about Amanda’s family that no one wants to hear. Will they survive the Wagon ride? Or will they fall off?