Kamaryn Kelsey

Snapped, Cracked and Popped

Snapped, Cracked and Popped

SS Beauty Series: Book 11

What’s wrong with Sady? Between bouts of tears and anger she’s just plain moody! Harry and CJ realize Sady hasn’t received counseling to help her cope with her often dangerous job. The solution? Get her the help she needs. There’s only one problem- Sady doesn’t want the help. It’s just a little emotional episode, that’s all. 

The team realizes the only way to get Sady help is to send her on an undercover job- at a facility that treats mental and emotional issues. Of course she’s suspicious, but Harry has a job folder and the facility treats patients recovering from surgery and other health issues as well. So Sady becomes a guest at “Harbor in the Arbor” to find who is responsible for the thefts reported by the director.

Restless guests and a stern head nurse soon create a protest movement. Upset over the cheap art supplies, Sady joins them. Their unique protest yields surprising results. In the meantime, as she is receiving treatment along with everyone else, Sady is hunting for the thief. Her new friends at the facility help her out… in more than one way.